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G42 Launches Analog, a New Venture to Advance AI Capabilities in Edge Computing

Analog harmonizes computing with human-centric AI solutions that increase speed and operating efficiency.

ABU DHABI – 18 January 2024 

G42, the leading UAE-based technology group, today announced its investment in a new edge computing company called Analog. The venture marks a significant stride in crafting AI solutions centered around human needs, effectively narrowing the gap between potential and reality.

Analog leverages the power of edge computing to bring smart technology closer to the point of need. By integrating smart sensors, it aims to establish a seamless connection between people, places, and things. Empowering the growth and development of various industries, Analog aims to enhance speed, reduce latency, and improve overall operating efficiency.

Alex Kipman, the Founder and CEO of Analog, remarked, “Analog is born out of the ambition to mix human needs with the sophisticated potential of AI. As we step into this new era of computing, Analog will be at the forefront of innovation, crafting technology that amplifies rather than replaces human skills.”

Embodying a philosophy of deep customer empathy, Analog’s journey from concept to reality is marked by human-focused innovation, design, and solutions that resonate on a human level. Emphasizing the value of partnership, Analog is committed to working closely with its partners, combining passion and creativity with unique customer insights. Through this collaborative approach, Analog will deliver custom solutions to tackle challenging global issues in sectors like business, public sector, healthcare, and the environment.

The launch of Analog was first unveiled at the AI House Davos, a multi-stakeholder platform for responsible AI progress of which G42 is the Initiator Partner, hosted during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  


The announcement is the latest in a series of new initiatives from G42, which has also recently announced the establishment of Core42, a leading provider of national-scale digital transformation, and, pending regulatory approvals, the launch of Space42, an AI-powered space technology champion optimally positioned to capture regional and international opportunities in geospatial and mobility solutions, satellite communications and business intelligence.


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