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Introducing Analog...

January 18th, 2024 marks a milestone for me. With immense pride I had the pleasure to launch Analog at the AI House in Davos

Analog is a new edge computing company that establishes a seamless connection between people, places, and things from the innovative heart of Abu Dhabi. Analog is not a product, but rather a first-of-its-kind solutions provider that utilizes the integration of smart sensors and mixed reality devices to mix human needs with the sophisticated potential of AI. Analog’s mission is to craft technology that amplifies rather than replaces human skills, bridging the gap between possibility and reality.

Analog's approach to AI ensures that technological advancements are not just about efficiency and convenience, but about enriching human experiences and fostering a more connected and mixed world. Analog is not just building technology; we are crafting a world where technology is an invisible yet indispensable part of our lives.

Analog will be pioneering Edge Computing AI - that place where intelligence emerges not based on historical, pre-trained, digital data in the cloud; but rather intelligence emerges from live, real-time sensor data that captures the essence of our physical and as the name suggest analog world.

Imagine an Analog solution focused on understanding people:

Imagine a cycling team where each cyclist is equipped with advanced sensors, keeping the team in constant communication, allowing for real-time strategic collaboration that adapts to the evolving race dynamics.

This network of technology not only enhances individual performance but also strengthens team synergy.

After crossing the finish line, the team convenes for a post-race review.   Imagine seeing a bird's eye view of the race on a collaborative holographic table.  Imagine data and AI overlayed on the racers and the course offering deep insights into performance, endurance, and collaborative tactics. 

Imagine the team and the coaches in a collaborative session around this holographic table dissecting every strategic decision, every burst of speed, and teamwork nuances using this Analog solution.

In an age where technology often feels cold, impersonal, or even invasive, Analog prioritizes empathy and the human experience in its AI and computing solutions. 

We achieve this this by moving away from a single person, using a single device, to interact with a single experience and shift into a world of collaborative computing. By focusing on collaboration and on human-centric design, we aim to unlock the full potential of technology, making it a more immersive, natural and instinctive extension of our daily lives.

Envision an Analog solution focused on understanding places:

Envision a future where every sunrise brings with it new possibilities. Envision smart cities, pulsing with edge computing AI sensors and edge computing AI infrastructure. Infrastructure that adapts in real-time to the rhythm of urban life. 

Envision street sensors communicating with vehicle sensors. Envision being able to have them respond to traffic flow in real-time, conserving energy and optimizing safety. 

Envision buildings, equipped with intelligent systems that are capable of creating environments that cater to our comfort and productivity. Envision a living, breathing city that responds to its inhabitants.

Analog is not here to change the way you interact with technology. Analog is here to fundamentally change the way technology interacts with each of us.

Our goal is to make technology disappear and to create experiences that enhance and simplify everyday life, seamlessly integrating with the environment around us and in so doing empowering not individuals but rather entire communities.

This is what we mean when we say crafting technology that amplifies rather than replaces human skills.  This is about creating the future HUMAN platform, emphasis on the human part. 

Dream an Analog solution focused on understanding things:

Dream about intelligent edge computing sensors that discreetly blend into desert sands and mangrove roots, sensors focused on not only monitoring but also capturing these vital ecosystems of things.

Now dream about enabling scientists and conservationists from around the world to teleport in and immerse themselves in virtual replicas or virtual twins of these environments, analyzing and monitoring change in, for example, species and habitat health. Now dream about them being able to do real science without ever having to set foot in these sensitive areas.

Dream about the potential this will have not only to safeguards the delicate balance of our biosphere, but also how it will impact sectors like education or even virtual tourism.

As we stand together in the era of AI, I invite you to join us in this journey of innovation and human connection. My hope is that together we can redefine the boundaries of technology and its role in our lives. I hope you embrace this adventure with open arms and open minds. The future is not just what we create; it's what we imagine. 

Alex Kipman

Founder & CEO, Analog


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