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Humanizing the Edge of Tomorrow

Welcome to Analog
Where Technology Meets Human Insight

Analog is a new AI company focused on edge computing solutions that seamlessly connect people, places and things through the use of smart sensors and mixed reality devices. Analog is born out of the ambition to mix human needs with the sophisticated potential of AI. Our mission is to craft technology that amplifies rather than replaces human skills, bridging the gap between possibility and reality.

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Our Vision

Analog is a catalyst for change across various industries - from global enterprises to the public sector, from healthcare to ecology.  Analog's approach to AI ensures that technological advancements are not just about efficiency and convenience, but about enriching human experiences and fostering a more connected and mixed world. Analog is not just building technology; we are crafting a world where technology is an invisible yet indispensable part of our lives.​

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Our Journey

Every step in Analog's journey is marked by deep empathy for our customers. We believe in design that speaks to the heart of the human experience. In an age where technology often feels invasive or impersonal, Analog prioritizes empathy and the human experience in its AI and computing solutions.  By focusing on collaboration and on human-centric design, we aim to unlock the full potential of technology, making it an immersive, natural and instinctive extension of our daily lives.

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